Executive Wellness Package

All of the “imaging” ultrasounds • Osteoporosis • Cholesterol • EKG • ALT(liver function) • Urinalysis • Comprehensive Metabolic Panel • ABI(ankle-brachial index)

Full Evaluation

ALT(liver function) • Osteoporosis • Pancreas U/S • EKG • Urinalysis • Full Panel Cholesterol • Carotid Arteries • CIMT Measurement • Liver U/S • Kidneys U/S • Gall Bladder U/S • Spleen U/S • Aorta U/S • Thyroid U/S

Abdominal Evaluation

Liver U/S • Kidneys U/S • Gall Bladder U/S • Spleen U/S • Liver Function • Urinalysis • Colorectal(colon/rectum) • Aorta U/S • Pancreas U/S

Vascular Evaluation

Carotid (STROKE) Arteries • Full Panel Cholesterol • EKG • ABI (leg artery circulation) • Aortic (RUPTURE) Artery • CIMT Measurement


CIMT (Intima-Media Thickness) Part of the common carotid artery is imaged and measured to evaluate plaque thickness that directly correlates to heart attack/disease. A 2-page computer generated report is given.

Carotid (stroke) artery: Duplex ultrasound is used to visualize the internal carotid arteries and to evaluate any plaque seen in the arteries – the #1 cause of stroke.

Abdominal and pelvic: Ultrasound is used to visualize the organs of the abdomen and pelvis to check for any masses, tumors, hemangiomas, calcifications, aneurysms, cysts, fibroids, stones and any other abnormalities. Liver, Spleen, Kidneys, Aorta, Pancreas, Gallbladder, Uterus/ovaries.

Thyroid: Ultrasound is used to image the thyroid gland to assess for nodules, cysts and enlargements.

Uterus and Ovaries: Imaged for fibroids, cysts, enlargement, etc.

Liver: Check the liver for cysts, hemangiomas, masses, etc.

Gall Bladder: Gallbladder is checked for gallstones, sludge, etc.

Pancreas: Pancreas is imaged for abnormalities seen.

Spleen: Checked for calcifications, enlargement, cysts, etc.

Thyroid: Check the thyroid for nodules, calcifications, cysts, etc.

Aortic (RUPTURE) Artery: Checking for aneurysm and plaque.

Kidneys: Checked for stones, hydronephrosis, enlargement, cysts, etc.

Osteoporosis screening: Ultrasound is used to measure the density (bone mass) of the calcaneous (heel bone).

Comprehensive Metabolic Panel/CMP: ALB, ALP, ALT, AST, BUN, Ca, CI ̄, CRE, & 6 more.

ALT (liver function) test: A finger stick is used to aid in the diagnosis of certain liver diseases and monitor liver toxicity of select drug therapies.

Cholesterol/Lipid Panel: Finger stick procedure allows identification of an important modifiable risk factor for arterial disease. This test gives the full breakdown, which includes the HDL, LDL, triglycerides & glucose.

PSA screening (prostate cancer): Finger stick procedure used for the early detection of prostate cancer in men. This test should be done annually.

EKG: Standard 12-lead electrocardiogram is performed to discern arrhythmias, undetected heart attacks or to develop a baseline.

Urinalysis test: To detect urinary tract disorders in asymptomatic persons with a simple urine sample. This test checks urine 10 ways.

Colorectal (colon/rectal cancer): A screening performed in your home to detect blood in the stool. This is an early indicator of colon/rectal cancer.

Pulse oximeter: A measurement of oxygen in the blood indicating the lungs basic function and pulse rate.