& Weight-loss


“Low cost preventive health screenings for masses, kidney stones, osteoporosis, stroke & heart attack is recommended for people with a personal or family history. Ultrasound is safe, effective and the results are same day.”

- Gary Scully, R.V.T.



About Us

Precision Ultrasound’s mission is to offer preventive heath screenings to the community with a full service wellness program that provides health screenings for early detection and prevention monitoring, comprehensive health assessments, one-on-one counseling for health education, referrals to community resources and providing a “Healthy Start” program that creates an atmosphere of positive change with the application of new ideas in hopes of improving the lifestyles and overall health of the community.



Mailing Address:

Precision Ultrasound

P.O. Box 4260

Palm Springs, CA 92263

Toll-free 1-877-487-7324


Goals and Objectives

  1. Increasing the availability, quality, and effectiveness of a community-based program designed for the detection of diseases.

  1. Improving the health of the community by making available affordable methods of detection and prevention of such diseases.

  1. Educating individuals with detected disorders by means of one-on-one counseling for improving lifestyles and overall health changes.

  1. To provide health screening for early detection and prevention for the client and referral to their health care providers.